Three things swimming can teach you about managing your career

June 30, 2016By adminUncategorized

1. Sometimes you need a flotation device Like using a flotation device to aid buoyancy, accepting help from a career development practitioner, such as a job coach or career counsellor, can help you to identify which parts of your job search and/or career development need working on. Whether this is strengthening an existing style or … Read More

Why you can be an acrobat and an accountant: intertemporal decision making and careers

March 24, 2016By adminUncategorized

Often in careers coaching, clients approach me stuck in a miasma of too much career choice mixed with a seemingly insurmountable surfeit of pragmatic barriers (mostly related to financial & familial commitments) to achieving a satisfactory work-life balance. Whether precipitated by an out of the blue redundancy, a sudden change in personal circumstances or, as … Read More

A Case for Higher Education (Especially the Arts & Humanities)

February 16, 2016By adminUncategorized

Lately, there has been a proliferation of articles on popular news media sites arguing the case for the shunning of university study, in favour of alternative educational pathways (like this one), such as workplace learning. So, I thought I would make a case for the enduring relevance of higher education and university study, especially the … Read More