By placing an order with Liz Stewart Job Coach, you (the client) agree to accept the following Terms and Conditions: 

General Information

Standard Document Writing Process

Once an order has been placed (via the online shop, email or phone), and all required information has been received from you (the client), and full payment has been received, I will commence work on your documents. Upon completion of the final draft of the document/s, I will send you (the client) a watermarked PDF version of the document/s for review, via email. This gives you (the client) the opportunity to request any changes (relating to content or formatting) to be made prior to finalisation of the documents. All changes requested by you (the client) must be communicated at this stage in the process, otherwise the draft will be finalised without changes. Once any changes (if applicable) have been made to the documents, you will receive, via email, the final versions (in MS Word and PDF formats) with the watermark removed, ready to use.

Standard Coaching and Training process

Once an order has been placed (via the online shop, email or phone), and any required information has been received from you (the client), interview training and/or job coaching sessions will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, via phone, Skype or face-to-face. Full payment for coaching and training services needs to have been received from you (the client) prior to the commencement of the training and/or coaching session. Upon completion of the coaching and/or training sessions, relevant electronic or printed (for face-to-face sessions only) materials will be provided to you (the client).

Aftercare Support Contact Cap

The Aftercare Support Package provides clients with an additional two weeks of phone and / or email support, capped at 14 points of contact (a point of contact in this context means one phone call of a maximum 15 minutes OR one email) over the two week period. Clients can choose which mode of contact suits them best i.e. phone or email, or phone and email, and must adhere to the point of contact cap abovementioned.


All payments are processed in Australian dollars and are GST free.

Due to the time and work involved in creating customised written documents, I must request up-front payment for all documents. Where payment cannot be made in one lump sum, I will accept the total amount in two payments (deposit and final amount), however, both payments must be received before the final draft can be released to you (the client) for review.

I accept payment by credit card and PayPal, as well as by cash for local clients making face-to-face appointments only. If you would prefer to make the payment via Direct Bank Transfer, I can issue you an invoice with bank details enclosed. Please note: If paying via Direct Bank Transfer, it can take up to 48 hours for the funds to be processed and received. Therefore, if you require your document/s urgently, payment is best made via PayPal.

Payment for all modes of coaching and training sessions (including Face-to-face, Phone and Sykpe) must be made upfront prior to session commencement. This can be done online, via invoice / direct transfer or via Paypal OR in cash on the day of the session whereby the session is to be conducted face-to-face, in person.

Late Cancellations for Coaching Sessions 

All modes of coaching and training sessions (including Face-to-face, Phone and Sykpe) that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 50% of the cost of the first session. No shows will be charged at 100% of the cost of the first session unless appropriate evidence and /or documentation (medical certificate / stat' dec') can be provided.

Whereby a client wishes to discontinue a coaching program midway through, they will be charged for any sessions that have already been completed and additional sessions will be charged as per the 'late cancellation for coaching sessions' procedure stipulated in the above paragraph. 

Document Turnaround

Standard turnaround on resumes and cover letters is 5 business days from the date on which I have received both full payment and all the required information/content from you. Expedited turnaround requests (where they can be accommodated) will be charged a $100 express service fee.

Please note: as responses to selection criteria must be based on real-life behavioural examples, I will need to have received sufficient information from you prior to the commencement of writing detailed selection criteria responses.

Document Format

Due to the predominance of requests for electronic documents and my commitment to minimising paper wastage, hard copy documents are not provided. I do provide a soft copy version of documents in both editable MS Word and non-editable PDF formats for you (the client) to use, via email. Documents can therefore be easily updated and printed as needed. You (the client) acknowledge that I cannot guarantee the compatibility of files with your systems. 

Non-text elements, such as graphics (including personal logos, photographs etc.) are not used in my resumes. I may however use basic lines, bullet points and shading. As is standard practice in resume writing, resumes are primarily completed in black and white and where colour is used, it is generally employed sparingly.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

All written content, and compilation of written content, on this site is my exclusive property and is protected by law. I reserve all rights related to my copyrights. Images used on this site have been used in accordance with creative commons zero licenses, or similar, so that images are free to employ (in line with the respective terms and conditions of their owners) for commercial use, at the time of website publishing. 

Liz Stewart Job Coach and all associated trademarks are my intellectual property. These trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property are protected by law. They may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not mine or could in any way that might cause confusion among clients or customers or in any manner that disparages or discredits Liz Stewart and the Liz Stewart Job Coach brand. I reserve all rights related to all aspects of this intellectual property. Any other trademarks on this site are the property of their respective owners. Where a client or other person attempts to either remove a Liz Stewart Job Coach watermark or copy unfinalised document content for the purposes of a) using a resume prior to its' finalisation or b) creating a template for any other persons or purposes other than that originally intended, legally action will be taken. 


Once you (the client) have placed an order for any product and/or service and paid either the full amount, or deposit, no refunds will be issued. You (the client) acknowledge that the time which I have spent discussing your needs, reviewing initial documents, preparing updated documents, communicating with your regarding these documents and/or your specific job interview training or careers coaching needs, is compensable. Where you have ordered documents and would like changes to be made at the first and final review stage, I will work to accommodate these requests to the best of my ability prior to document finalisation, however you (the client) accept that the extent of the changes to be made at this stage of the process, is subject to the discretion of Liz Stewart Job Coach.

Regarding coaching and training session refunds - please refer to 'late cancellations for coaching sessions' section, under 'payments' on this page. 


All information that is received by me will be kept private and confidential and used only for its' intended purpose.